Tuesday, 21 April 2009


This is a memorial site that has been created by me kevin rogers.
The idea is to be able to create a unique page where people who know the deceased person can write messages to the family and quote memories about the deceased person that might other wise be forgotten. you can also upload images of there life that might be in physical photo format to the unique page. The start of the page can be created with ease and without verification from a email address .however the user will have to rename the photo of the person to the unique id/page number ,this ensures human interaction with site. they will be able to see the page take shape almost immediately. once the start of the page is created users can then request a uploader login to be able to drag and drop photos of the persons life into the page. and also the background of the page can be changes and also a MP3 file can be added witch will play when the page is opened, if there is something you want on the page that is not a feature it can be added by a email request. the site is at http://www.membook.co.uk/ and the email is mailto:admin@membook.co.uk

this site is totally independent of any organisation and is the project of one man.
the site is in development and is constantly updated to improve the users experience


  1. Thanks to sandra bartlett for adding her loved ones to this site....KR

  2. MJ added RIP MJ king of pop